Is Your Life *Actually* a Good One? Can You Even Decide? What Does Good Even MEAN These Days?

You spent the first twenty years of your life worrying what the f*ck you were suppose to do on this planet—with your ONE BIG PRECIOUS LIFE that every other Pinterest poster won’t shut up about—only to spend the next twenty years wondering if you did it right. Because, did you? Was this what life was suppose to look like? Did you do it right? Pass the test, check the box, score the A? Like, is your life actually a good one? Do you even know? Can you even decide?

I mean, what does good even mean these days? And how do you know when everything is, in fact, exactly that? Will it ever be that? WHAT IF IT ISN’T? Does this mean it’s all been a waste? What have you done with yourself, Margaret? How dare you throw your life down the drain. You had potential, you know. Potential, Margaret. (READ MORE)


Source: Life and Money

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