7 Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Making – PureWow

Keep an eye out for these seven cleaning sins.

Loading Your Silverware in One Direction.

If you load all of your forks, knives and spoons handle-side up in the dishwasher, youre keeping the hot water (which shoots out from the middle) from reaching the caked-on food. Instead, load spoons and forks handle-side down and knives handle-side up so you don’t cut yourself when taking them out.

Using an Old Sponge

Even after using it two or three times, bacteria will begin to grow in your sponge, and it can spread to every surface in your house (ick). Clean sponges every day by popping them in the microwave for one minute, or running them through the dishwasher with a dry cycle. Oh, and replace that guy altogether as soon as he starts smelling funky.



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