The Question All Entrepreneurs Need to Ask Themselves

Gerard Adams, founder of Fownders, wants to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their ideas in motion.

To start your own business or not? That is the question. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist Gerard Adams wants to help you find the answer. Having been through great highs and lows in the entrepreneurial world, Adams knows from experience when it is time to go all in, and when it is time to step back and rethink.

Adams’ first major success came in 2012. After trying and failing at multiple businesses, he teamed up with Jonathon Francis and David Arabov to launch news platform Within three years, the wildly popular site sold to The Daily Mail for $50,000,000. (Yes, a lot of zeroes in that number.) That success, along with many that followed, put Adams on Business Insider’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in Silicon Alley.

Source: The Question All Entrepreneurs Need to Ask Themselves

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