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Don’t fret, though, because we know all her secrets. She’s Always Positive. Lets just say the (wine) glass is always half full. She Compliments Others. Not only will you make somebody else feel great, but you’ll also feel great yourself and prove that you’re confident enough to be generous with your praise. (Ever notice its the insecure people who have to put others down?) She Doesn’t Compare Herself to Others. Since confidence comes from within, it wont do you any good to play the measure-up game. See full story on…

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Photo courtesy of Michael Nicholson Michael Nicholson is a 75-year-old man who loves college. To date, he has earned one bachelor’s degree, two associates degrees, 23 master’s degrees, three specialist degrees, and one doctorate. He was enrolled in school for 55 years straight and has 30 degrees in total. I get up at 4 AM, and I walk two miles at that hour. That doesn’t mean everyone has to get up at 4 AM, but you do have to have some kind of a routine. If you sleep through your…

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Keep an eye out for these seven cleaning sins. Loading Your Silverware in One Direction. If you load all of your forks, knives and spoons handle-side up in the dishwasher, youre keeping the hot water (which shoots out from the middle) from reaching the caked-on food. Instead, load spoons and forks handle-side down and knives handle-side up so you don’t cut yourself when taking them out. Using an Old Sponge Even after using it two or three times, bacteria will begin to grow in your sponge, and it can spread…

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Yep, ice cream’s on there You love sweets, but ugh, cue the personal guilt trip every time you indulge. Here, seven low-cal options you (and your waistline) will love. RELATED: 8 Summer Snacks That Might Help You Lose Weight Skinny Taste LEMON AND GINGER ICE POPS The recipe calls for only 3/4 cup of sugar (serving size is 10 pops), but you can totally reduce it if desired–most of the flavor comes from the lemon juice and fresh ginger. This sour/spicy combo is refreshing and low-cal. Get the recipe Ambitious…

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Google can’t save you. Here is a short but compelling list of things Google is good for: Figuring out how the hell to poach a wet, floppy fish Ordering purple pimp costumes to wear to dinner at your in-laws Frantically searching the correct pronunciation of the word “GIF”—before saying it out loud at your client meeting in 5 minutes And here are things Google cannot help you with, ever: Originality Creativity Discipline Practice Experience Trial Error Finding your own fucking voice …And having the guts to actually use it Everybody’s…

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  by Myles McMahon Q: Is it ever too early to start thinking about buying a home? A: It’s never too early to buy a home as long as you can afford it and it makes sense. By making sense I mean this: Homes are Real Estate, and Real Estate should be looked at as an asset. Assets are looked at from a few different angles. Will they provide a return? Can I afford to maintain them? If I got relocated or lost my job is there an out? Can…

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  1. Gawk. Learn a thing (or two.) Get inspired. Giggle like crazy. And size up the raw beauty that is humanity–in all its patterns, glory, weirdness, cracks, eccentricities (can’t believe I spelled that right), and unpasteurized honesty. Go here to do all of that ——>– 2. Someone needs you to believe in them right now. … Because we’re humans. And we need one another. And just maybe? Believing in yourself isn’t always enough. We need the support of others. Give some. Get some. And be amazed at what we…

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Do Something Brilliant With Your One Little Speck

You ever have a love hate relationship with an acronym? Take YOLO, for example. Are you as ambivalent about it as I am? Like, okay, in theory “you only live once” is true (two points), it’s an effective argument for engaging in questionable behavior of any kind (five points), it’s a built-in retort when your husband wants to know who ate all the sweet potato fries (seven gazillion points), AND it labels you as someone who may actually know how to hang ten on a skateboard…(READ MORE) Save Save